My Portfolio

My name is Merlyne Desire and I am a senior majoring in Recording Arts and Marketing. The concept of my project is me producing an extended play or EP of five songs and planning out the publishing date and marketing strategies of the album.

I created this major because I loved the idea of producing music, being the artist, and the marketing manager of my own music career and others music careers. What I learned from doing it, is so many marketing strategies, the composition and production of music, song writing techniques, and being an entrepreneur as a whole. I hope to further my small business Desirable Gems, and to continue my career as an artist and social media manager. I hope to gain more experiences and hopefully a career in both music and marketing, leading to the music industry. I hope to educate those younger than me with my knowledge in the future.

This semester I made an EP Album of five songs with the concept of fruits. The song titles are Maraschino Cherries, Orange Soda, Strawberry Daiquiri Summer, and Blackberry Goddess. The EP is called Desired Fruit. I am also creating a game plan that involves marketing strategies for the EP. Desired Fruit should be out in about five weeks. I wanted to do this EP because I wanted to push myself to produce music, and create marketing concepts in a matter of months. I’ve done marketing and music separately, but not together as a whole. Attached below is the exclusive premier of the unreleased music.

Desired Fruit

Strawberry Daiquiri Summer
Orange Soda
Blackberry Goddess
Maraschino Cherries

My Marketing Strategy Plan Notes

1. Figure out promotional materials and the concepts (photoshoots, graphic design; what social medias will I use? What content will I produce?)

2. Search for copyrighting my EP, figure out my release date (should be a month out), submit to my distributer Distrokid

3. Start dropping promotional materials about easing the EP

4. Drop a single halfway to release date

5. Announce EP release date

6. Push heavier coming up to release date

7. Release EP!!

8. Consider dropping merchandise, working to my business Desirable Gems

9. Search for locations to perform at!

Desirable Gems Crystal Jewelry Instagram Link:

Revised Pieces of Creative Writing

  1. Short Story Telling

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I am extremely proud of my hard work from this semester. Actually not just this semester, but all four years at Plymouth State University have been educational.

In terms of learning life lessons, feeling proud of myself, applying what I’ve learned to real life — I feel prepared to step into this next phase of life. I have been to Intro to Music Composition, extremely shy with my ukulele. I remember not having a single clue what I was doing with my life, and it definitely lowered my confidence. I have been in the Intro to IDS class, creating my major and college curriculum. I have truly discovered my passion for marketing and social media, along with producing music. I took Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Innovation with the late Dr. Howard Frederick, who I have had the honor of learning from. I have had a fellowship at the Museum of White Mountains as a social media and content creator. I have started my own small retail business called Desirable Gems, where I produce crystal jewelry. I created an EP and have a marketing plan for the release of the EP. I won an award for Top 20 Seniors for the Class of 2022. I have done so much to mark my name at Plymouth State.

Where am I headed to now, you might be asking?? The answer is much more simple. I don’t know. And that is okay with me. I am beyond nervous, I’ll be honest. All. I know is that I’m putting out an EP, working to strengthen my social media marketing skills, working on performing live. I also know I will be working on Desirable Gems more, and seeing where life takes me in that journey. I am scared the outcome, I am scared for change. But, I know that I have gathered the knowledge and the skills to get me to where I am today — and to where I want to be in the future.